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Brain Day in Detroit

Held annually during Brain Awareness Week in mid-March

Brain Day 2022 is scheduled for Saturday March 12, 2022!

This annual event has been held during Brain Awareness week for over 15 years. It is organized by faculty and students at Wayne State University and the University of Detroit-Mercy, and is held in partnership with the Michigan Science Center in Detroit. Numerous displays and activities are set up throughout the science center, including interactive human brain displays, arts and crafts activities, and head/brain safety demonstrations, and drug awareness displays. There are also large displays from life-span development research groups, providing information about healthy development and aging. This event is supported in part through SFN Chapter grants, University support, and through material support from the DANA foundation

Michigan State University Neuroscience Events
Brain Bee at MSU:

The Brain Bee at MSU is an exciting, live Q&A competition that challenges high school students on their knowledge of neuroscience facts. The participants compete in both written and oral rounds. Topics covered include: intelligence, memory, emotions, sensations, movement, stress, aging, sleep, addiction, Alzheimer's, and stroke. This competition enables students to learn about the brain and career opportunities in the neurosciences.

​​Neuroscience Fair:

Students, parents, and teachers are able to experience neuroscience first hand and hear from local celebrities in neuroscience. Experience cool neuroscience activities including hearing and seeing real neurons fire, learning how our senses can be tricked, and even touching a real human brain! Neuroscience arts and crafts will be available for younger children, while activities such as cow eye dissection, seeing action potentials, and watching a neurological exam will appeal to older students.





CMU Brain Bee

Our annual Brain Bee event attracts dozens of high school students from around the state of Michigan, offering an exciting and dynamic quiz competition, pitting students knowledge against others to demonstrate their mastery of Neuroscience. This year we had over 60 students attend and participate! 


Students also experience tours of the CMU Neuroscience facilities, treated to talks given by Neuroscience faculty and graduate student assistants, and are invited to participate in basic laboratory techniques such as DNA isolation, brain tissue slicing, and plating tissue on slides. This is our most popular and fun-filled event, and impacts the lives of up-and-coming future neuroscientists.


CMU Brain Awareness Conference


Our full-day public event offers an opportunity for anyone interested in Neuroscience to come sit in on talks given by subject-area experts, participate in workshops with science industry leaders, and interact with faculty and graduate students panels. Attendees are treated to fascinating discussions about neurodegenerative disease treatment, cutting-edge scientific studies, and eye-opening talks about how they can becoming a part of the exciting field of Neuroscience. 

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