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Congratulations to our 2022 Annual Meeting Award Winners!


2022 MiSFN Founders Awards Winners

Dan Doyle

Doyle D, Lam M, Qalieh A, Qalieh Y, Sorel A, Funk O, and Kwan K

Michigan Neuroscience Institute, University of Michigan

Presentation Title: Chromatin Remodeler Arid1a Orchestrates Subplate-Dependent Wiring of Cortical Connectivity”


Sindhuja Koneru

Koneru S, Resk M, Fettinger N, Poudel A, Crespo E, Malkowski C, Lauzon E, Wedster N, Olson K, Wassell L, Kacherian O, Otero P, Schalau R, Sharma N, Sandstrom MI, Hochgeschwender U, Rossignol J, and Dunbar JL

Field Neurosciences Institute Laboratory for Restorative Neurology Program in Neuroscience

Presentation Title: “Treatments Using Gm1 Ganglioside and Crispr-Cas9- Mediated Gene Editing Reduce Behavioral and Neuropathology Deficits in Mouse Models of Huntington’s Disease”


2022 MiSFN Poster Award Winners


People’s Choice: Camerson Davidson (Post-doctoral fellow)

Davidson, C, Yahya M, and Perrine S

Wayne State University

Poster Title: "Effects of a Mixture of Cocaine and Fentanyl on Locomotor Activity Across Repeated Exposures in Male Wistar Rats"


Post-Doctoral: Insha Zahoor

Zahoor I, Nematullah M, Mir S, Waters J, Dutta I, Cerghet M, Poisson LM, Rattan R, and Giri S

Henry Ford Health System

Poster Title: "Docosahexaenoic Acid-Derived Pro-Resolving Lipid Mediator Maresin-1 Ameliorates Inflammation and Prevents Disease Progression in Preclinical Model of Multiple Sclerosis”




Candace Johnson

Johnson C, Burroughs R, Baggott M, Perrine S, Davidson C, and Baker L

Western Michigan University

Poster Title: “Locomotor Stimulant Effects and Persistent Serotonin Depletion Following Binge-Like 1-(Benzofuran-5-Yl)-N-Methylpropan-2-Amine (5-Mapb) Treatment in Sprague-Dawley Rats”


Jennifer Losiowski

Losiowski J., Bhogal A, Evanski J, Gowatch L, Desai S, Zundel GC, and Marusak, H

Wayne State University

Poster Title: “Extinction Learning and Obsessive-Compulsive Symptom Severity in Youth”


Annie Nguyen

Nguyen A, Hu A, Toor J, Maxwell A, Nematullah M, Ding J, Mor G, and Giri S

Wayne State University

Poster Title: “Benzene Exposure During Pregnancy Increases Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis Severity in Offspring”




Shreya Desai

Evanski J, Rabinak C, and Marusak, H

Wayne State University

Poster Title: “Genetic Variation in Endocannabinoid Signaling and Threat- and Reward-Related Brain Functioning During the Transition into Adolescence”


Johnathon Evers Smith

Smith JE, Srinageshwar B, Poudel A, Swiontek J, Smith O, Swanson D, Dunbar GL, Sharma A, and Rossignol J

Central Michigan University

Poster Title: “Dendrimer-Delivered Nocodazole Attenuates Glioblastoma Proliferation, Migration, and Metabolism In-Vitro”


Lauren Richardson

Richardson L, Myers A, Wallin C, Neole S, Kulaglic N, Perinne SA, Davidson, C, Angoa-Perez, M, Kuhn D, Bowen SE, and Brummelte S

Wayne State University

Poster Title: “A Translational Rodent Model of Opioid Exposure During Pregnancy: Effects of Morphine Compared to Buprenorphine on Maternal Behavior, Brain, and the Microbiome”

Congratulations to our 2021 Annual Meeting Award Winners!

Alex Chen
2021 MiSFN Founders Award Winner
Chen, Alex, Garay, Patricia M, Iwase, Shigeki, and Sutton, Michael A

University of Michigan, USA
Presentation Titled: "Homeostatic Metaplasticity in Hippocampal Networks"

Post-Doctoral: Bhairavi Srinageshwar

Srinageshwar B, Kuhn ER, Fagan TJ, Florendo M, Peruzzaro S, Andrews MMM, Swanson D, Sharma A, Dunbar GL, Rossignol J

Central Michigan University

Poster Titled: "Delivery of PAMAM Dendrimer Nanomolecules Across the Natural Biological Barriers and Analysis of Dendriplex-Clearance From the Mouse"

Graduate: Mohammed Alhadidy

Alhadidy, M; Lamp, J; Vega, I; Kanaan, N

Michigan State University

Poster Titled: "Production Of Sumoylated Recombinant Tau In Escherichia Coli"

Graduate: Abigail Myers

Myers A., Kulaglic N., Neole S., Richardson L., Wallin C., Bowen S., Brummelte S.

Wayne State University

​Poster Titled: "A Translational Rodent Model Of Gestational Buprenorphine Or Morphine Exposure: Offspring Outcomes"

Undergraduate: Emily Lauzon

E. Lauzon, S. Koneru, N. Wedster, P. Otero Sequeiros, E. Idzior, C. Bueno Alvarez, J. Wassell, B. Kemmerling, R. Schalau, J. Patel, K. Belgya, J. Rossignol, G. L. Dunbar

Central Michigan University

​Poster Titled: "Reduction Of Memory Deficits Following Progesterone Treatment In The 3xtg Mouse Model Of Alzheimer's Disease"

Undergraduate: Rida Waseem

Waseem, Rida and Dr. Berkowitz, Bruce

Wayne State University

​Poster Titled: "New Rod Phototransduction-Sensitive Oct-Based Biomarkers"

Congratulations to our 2019 Annual Meeting Award Winners!

 Chela M Wallin, M.A

2019 MiSFN Founders Award Winner

Wallin, Chela M; Bowen, Scott E; Brummelte Susanne

Wayne State University, MI, USA

Presentation Titled: "Gestational Opioid Exposure: Effects on Pregnancy, Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome, Maturation & Behavioral Development"

Post-Doctoral: Kelly Bosse 

K.E. Bosse, S.C. Lloyd, R. Singh, B.L. Schneider, S.A. Perrine and A.C. Conti

Wayne State University

Poster Titled: "Opioid Exposure following Traumatic Brain Injury Exacerbates Behavioral and  Neuroinflammatory Outcomes"

Graduate: Joshua Paris

J. R. Paris, N. C. Sklar, C. L. Linn

Western Michigan Univ. Homer Stryker MD School of Medicine

Poster Titled: "Induced Regeneration Using an Alpha7 Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor Agonist In A Genetic Mouse Glaucoma Model"

Graduate: Marie Doyle

Doyle MA, Bali V, Cooper SE, Stark AR, and Mazei-Robison MS

Michigan State University

Poster Titled: "Determining The Effect Of Cell Type-Specific VTA SGK1 Manipulation On"

Undergraduate: Stephanie Morgan

Stephanie E. Morgan, Hilary A. Marusak, Farrah Elrahal, Craig Peters, Allesandra S. Iadipaolo, Kyle J. Burghardt, Christine A. Rabinak

Wayne State University

Poster Titled: "PACAP Receptor Polymorphism Effects on Functional Organization of the Limbic System in Youth"

Undergraduate: Claire Spivey

Spivey, C.E., Groves, T.H.K. ,and Jellies, J.A.

Western Michigan University

Poster Titled: "The Presence of Photoreceptors in The Posterior Sucker of Hirudo verbana Inferred Through Functional Visual Response"

Congratulations to our 2018 Annual Meeting Award Winners!

2018 MiSFN Founders Award Winner

Megan Duffy

Megan F. Duffy, Timothy J. Collier, Kelvin C. Luk, Malú G. Tansey,  Katrina L. Paumier,

Joseph R. Patterson, D. Luke Fischer, Nicole K. Polinski, Christopher J. Kemp,

JianJun Chang, Jacob W. Howe, and Caryl E. Sortwell

Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, USA

Michigan State University, Department of Psychology

Presentation Titled: "Synucleinopathy-triggered neuroinflammation in a novel model

of sporadic Parkinson’s disease"

Post-Doctoral: Kelly Bosse

K.E. Bosse, F. Ghoddoussi, A.T. Eapen, L.L. Susick, K. Desai, B.A. Berkowitz, S.A. Perrine and A.C. Conti, John D. Dingell

Wayne State University

Detroit, MI, USA.

Poster Titled: "Calcium/calmodulin-stimulated adenylyl cyclases 1 and 8 regulate reward-related brain activity and ethanol consumption"

Graduate: Brittany Kuhn 

Kuhn, Brittany; Campus, Paolo, Klumpner, Marin; Flagel, Shelly

University of Michigan

Poster Titled: "The effects of chemogenetic inhibition of prelimbic cortical inputs to the paraventricular nucleus of the thalamus on cue- and cocaine-induced drug-seeking behavior in sign-trackers and goal-trackers"

Graduate: Andrew Nelson

Andrew D. Nelson, Rene N. Caballero-Florán, Paul M. Jenkins

University of Michigan Medical School

Poster Titled: 

"A Loss-of-Function Variant in ANK3 from a Family with Bipolar Disorder Causes Altered Forebrain Circuitry"

Undergraduate: Aneesh Hehr

Aneesh Hehr, Hilary A. Marusak, Edward D. Huntley, Christine A. Rabinak

Wayne State University 

Poster Titled: "Amygdala-mPFC connectivity is associated with sleep duration in children and adolescents"

Undergraduate: Layne Bond

Layne G. Bond, Allison M. Johnson, Paolo Campus, Shelly B. Flagel

University of Michigan 

Poster Titled: "Antagonism of orexin 2 receptors in the paraventricular nucleus of the thalamus decreases the incentive motivational value of a reward-cue in sign-trackers"

Congratulations to our 2017 Annual Meeting Award Winners!


Congratulations to Hillary Woodworth

2017 MiSFN Founders Award Winner

Hillary L. Woodworth, Bethany G. Beekly, Hannah M. Batchelor, Raluca Bugescu, and Gina M. Leinninger

Department of Physiology,

Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, USA

Michigan State University,Department of Psychology

Presentation Titled: "A Central Neurotensin Circuit that Coordinates Weight Loss Behaviors" 

Postdoctoral/Technician: Amanda N. Bolton-Hall

Amanda N. Bolton-Hall, John D. Dingell VA Medical Center,Detroit, MI;

Dept. of Neurosurgery, Wayne State University

Poster Titled: "Mild Traumatic Brain Injury-Induced Alcohol Use: A Role for Class Iia Histone Deacetylases"

Graduate: Cynthia Cooley-Themm

Cynthia Cooley-Themm, Biological Sciences, Western Michigan University,

Poster Titled: "Neuroprotective Role of Acetylcholine at a Retinal Synapse After Inducing Glaucoma in Long Evans Rats

Graduate: Wafaa Sweidan

Wafaa Sweidan, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral

Neurosciences, Wayne State University             

Poster Titled: “Striatal and Cortical Changes in Huntington’s Disease”  

Undergraduate: Jackson Scheib

Dept. of Biology, Western Michigan University,

Poster Titled: "Effects Of Naris Occlusion On The Olfactory Organ And Olfactory Bulb In The Adult Zebrafish"

Undergraduate: Isabelle Birt 

Molecular and Behavioral Neuroscience Institute,

University of Michigan

Poster Titled: "Exploring Differences in Gene Expression and Relative Cell-Type Balance in the Hippocampus of a Selectively Bred Rat Model for internalizing and Externalizing Psychiatric Disorders"

                        Congratulations to 2017 local Brain Bee winners!

  • Denis Kirca - winner of the Brain Bee at MSU

  • Varun Shanker - winner of the Brain Bee at CMU

These local winners will now compete at the USA National Brain Bee. The chapter provides travel support and registration fees for our local winners.

                         Chapter awarded 2017 SFN Chapter Grant for outreach

The grant was submitted by Peter Vollbrecht of Hope College to support their outreach efforts. Congratulations Peter!

                Congratulations to our 2016 Annual Meeting Award Winners!

Post-Doctoral: Andrew Eagle

Michigan State University

Poster Titled: "Activity-Dependent Transcriptional Regulation Of Hippocampal Projections In Fear/Anxiety And Cocaine Reward"

Graduate: Brittany Kuhn

University of Michigan

Poster Titled: "Transient Inactivation Of The Paraventricular Nucleus Of The Thalamus Differentially Affects Cue-Induced Reinstatement In  Sign-Trackers And Goal-Trackers "

Graduate: Evan Schramm 

University of Michigan

Poster Titled: "Allosteric Modulation Of Δ (Delta) And µ (MU) Opioid Receptors Occurs By a Common Mode Of Action"

Undergraduate: Sanaya Irani

Wayne State University

 Poster Titled: "The Development Of Spatial Navigation Ability From Childhood  To Adulthood"

Undergraduate: Zackary Bowers

Saginaw Valley State University  

Poster Titled: "Pre-Enriched Housing Impacts Progesterone’s Effect Of Functional Recovery In Male Rats After Trauamatic Brain Injury"


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