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Gather Town Basics

While the conference center is easy to use, you should give yourself at least 20 minutes to create a login and get adjusted to the space the first time.

Register for MISfN [the conference link WILL NOT work if you do not register first]


1. To be able to use all features of GatherTown, use Firefox or Google Chrome browsers. Safari also has enough features to participate and present posters. Create an account by entering the email address you registered with to create your account: 


2. A short-lasting 6 digit code will be sent to your email for verification. Create your avatar and choose your login name: Note, you can edit these later.


[If you are participating in the poster competition include a (UG) for undergraduate, (GS) for graduate student, or (PD) for postdoc/research assistant after your name. i.e. graduate student Jane Smith would be [Jane Smith (GS)]


3. Gather Town provides a brief tutorial. Ignore the offer to create a new space.


4. Click the link to the MISFN conference center sent to the email address you registered with from 


5. Use the arrow keys to move around the 'X' on your keyboard to look at posters or special objects (documents on tables, map, computer screens, etc.). You will be able to hear those that are near you. Only stand on the yellow megaphones on the floor if you want to talk to the whole room.

If you want to move around with other users as a group, use the Follow feature.

Video-tour of the space and poster walk through


Basic instructions:

Use arrow keys to move.

"X" to interact with objects [forms or posters].

Yellow megaphones on floor: Talk to the whole room (microphones)

Interact with others: in private spaces [darkened areas on the floor] or by right clicking (mac command click) on their avatar and clicking "start a bubble" for a private conversation. All posters have a designated private space in front of it. 

Find a friend: search in Participant list (left menu, icon with two people). Can right click and select "follow". Can also use chat feature to chat privately to an individual or to everyone (left menu, icon with chat bubbles).

White chairs by posters: for presenters

Blue chairs by posters: try to keep open for judges, but note judges may or may not choose to use them

Calendar: Basic schedule of the day can be found in the left menu with calendar icon

Note: Registered users can use the space prior to the conference, but only 25 can use it at a time except for October 1st when up to 100 can use it at a time (the day of there will be enough space for all registrants).  Prior to the conference, please only remain logged in when you are actively using the space. 

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