Founders Award Graduate Student Paper Competition

Deadline: Friday, Sept 3 2021 by 5pm EST 


This award is in honor of Montford F. Piercey and Duncan McCarthy for their contributions in organizing and maintaining our chapter. It is meant to showcase the research accomplishments of one graduate student member of the Chapter.


The prize for the Founders Award is $500, a plaque, and an opportunity to present a 20 minute slide presentation (based on the paper submitted) during the annual chapter meeting.


Entrants are required to submit both a regular meeting abstract as first author and a short paper describing their research in greater detail.


  • All entrants are expected to present their poster presentation if their paper is not selected as the Founder’s Award paper for this year’s meeting.  

  • All entrants will also be automatically considered for presenting their research in the "Data Blitz" section of the meeting.

  • All entrants must both register and pay for the annual meeting to be considered. 

  • Current graduate students and those that have moved on from a graduate program that would have presented work completed as a graduate student member in 2020 qualify. 

Application Instructions:


Cover Letter:  

This should include:

  1. Applicant’s name

  2. Applicant’s contact information (email address, phone)

  3. Complete citation information: Title of paper, Author list (Last name, First name, Middle initial), Institutional Information

  4. Names and email addresses of individuals providing letters of reference



The paper format should be similar to that of a ‘brief communication’ found in most neuroscience journals. The paper should include a description of the methods and results, including illustrations and tables.

  • Page Limit: 5 pages of text, double spaced, 1 inch margins on both sides.

  • Figures and Tables: No more than 2 figures and 2 tables on separate pages

  • File Format: PDF is preferred. .doc or .docx is also acceptable.


Reference Letters:

Two reference letters are required.  One letter should be from the student's research advisor. It should include comments concerning the student's oral communication skills and on the student's independence in carrying out the research. The second letter should be from another faculty member. 


Please include the letters as part of your application file. If this is not possible, please have the letters sent directly to the chapter awards chair,  Eric Ramsson, at