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About the Mentor Bureau

Mentoring is essential to the graduate school experience.  Effective mentoring reaches beyond the laboratory.  It is holistic and involves the whole self.  To gain perspectives from our varied social identities, we need a network of mentors!  We are here to help.  Within our Bureau, you'll find faculty and STEM professionals from across the state of Michigan, with varied social identities.  Join.  Search mentor profiles for shared experiences and backgrounds.  Reach out.   Connect.

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Why seek out a mentor?

Identity-based mentors provide students with role models that connect shared identity with future success. As such, these mentoring relationships also become a safe haven for vulnerable conversations. Moreover, mentors with shared identities can provide career advice that is disconnected from the norms of other social and cultural groups. Ultimately, these relationships can foster a sense of belonging and connectedness that can buffer against storms of self-doubt.

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Why become a mentor?

Mentors play a key role in helping students navigate their career paths, develop their scientific interests and skills, achieve success in science and life, and learn how to express and advocate for themselves. On the way, mentors will become better leaders, will gain new perspectives and ideas, and will make a positive, lasting impact our field.

Legal Disclaimer:  The inclusion of a listing here does not constitute or imply endorsement or approval by the Michigan Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience or the universities, colleges, or companies affiliated with these individuals.

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